What’s a Feed Zone?

A feed zone is a designated area in a long bike race where the cyclists pause to refuel.  They slow way down – although are still in motion – and grab a small cotton bag known as a “musette” from someone associated with their team on the sidelines.  This bag will contain whatever the cyclist will need to keep calm and carry on.

My intentions for this blog is for it to be a virtual musette containing musings about food and drink.  I’m incredibly interested in food, but not just about ingredients and recipes.  I’m also curious about how it’s grown, distributed, priced, consumed, and wasted.  I want to know more about the big picture of “food” and consider this to be one topic I’ll keep studying my whole life.  Food is a kind of language among us, and my intention is for My Feed Zone to be my written contribution to that conversation.

Originally I thought about my feed zone as being just my kitchen, but as time went on, I realized my feed zone starts with a farmer and ends at a landfill, with many stages in between.  So, with that in mind, this space may contain a recipe, or it might contain a “Guess what I just learned about Styrofoam?” sort of post.  Either way, I hope you like what you read.

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