Cheesy Avocado Toast


A few weeks back, I was listening to Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, the NPR program that uses stories from the news to create quiz games for comedian panelists and listeners who are calling in.  This particular week, they were drawing attention to the fact that toast has become a “thing” that people are paying up to $4 to eat (  However, the comedians didn’t really make fun of this story, but instead all started talking about what makes toast amazing.  I mean, it is a type of cross-generational comfort food… how was this not a “thing” before now.

Given all possible combinations when you consider variables like allergies, dietary restrictions, and one’s personal taste, toast can become a complicated thing.  Well, I have a simple combination for you to try.  Toast a piece of your favorite bread, top it with a ripe avocado sliced into bite-sized pieces, add grated Parmigiano-Reggiano, and sprinkle with a coarse salt.  I used to put actual slices of a soft cheese (like provolone) on the bread underneath the avocado, but I noticed this wasn’t a combo my stomach liked.

I’ll eat this toast and topping choice for breakfast, or sometimes as a midday snack.  It’s become a sort of comfort food to me, and I like having another way to eat avocado that doesn’t involve chips or complicated counterparts that overpower its creamy texture.  Knowing that avocados are a superfood that will help prevent heart problems, arthritis and cancer among other things, I have no problem eating this toast whenever I feel like it.

Last summer, I stumbled across one of these places selling fancy toast in San Francisco (shocker).  It’s called The Mill and if you were to walk inside, you would see a crowd of people sitting and savoring their thick pieces of Josey Baker Bread and jam as if it were their last meal.  I remember seeing a guy who was wearing a shirt that said, “you weren’t given a dream unless you were given the ability to make it.”  I’m so happy that toast made it into a dream once upon a time.


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